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Ep 37//The Lie You May Be Believing About Birth Plans with Jaimie Zaki

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

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"The medical model of care doesn't really support birth the way community used to support birth and the way women and families deserve to be supported."

"I never expected birth to transform my entire life the way that it did."

"It's (birth) a spiritual, emotional and physical experience that is unmatched by any other experience in our life."

Birth Plans

It can be a flexible plan, planning is important

Different way of making plans:

Wedding Plans - Not how we plan for birth

Travel Plans- Have a destination and plan but alternate route may be needed to get there. Everyone is going to have a different plan based on the experience they desire.

The biggest lie I hear moms tell themselves is that they don't have a birth plan.

Formulating a Birth Plan

First: Put who your support team is! The most important part is having a team who is with your plan.

Find someone who will respect patient centered care

A good question to ask your provider is "What do you think about doulas?" as this question will tell you what they think about your decision making.

Depending on the outcome you want for your birth and the care and the communication should maybe change who your provider is. The model of care matters in outcomes.

Self responsibility is needed when interviewing providers. You hire them, they work for you! At anytime you don't connect or something doesn't feel right then you can change.

Second: Chronological Labor (Early, Active, Transition, Second Stage)

Birth Plans help you learn about all of your different options.

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