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Every birth is special. Whether it takes place at the hospital or at home, each is beautiful and deserving of celebration. Be prepared with these

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Free Online Course

Are you in research mode? Come join me and many other mamas who are ready to be empowered and have a blissful birth!

3 Comfort Techniques

Don't go into labor with out the tools you need to handle each contraction. Here are 3 tools you can use at your birth!

15 Questions to Ask your Provider

Finding a supportive provider is a MUST when planning a blissful birth. This helpful download can be taken to your appointment to help make sure your provider is right for you.

3 Birth Affirmations (Printable)

Preparing your mind with positive affirmations before the big day with transform your birth experience! Print these out and hang them around your room. Create a peaceful environment.

Myths and Facts

The top 3 Myths and Facts I hear all the time as a nurse and doula!


What kind of provider best suits your needs? Is an OBGYN in your comfort zone or Midwife more your style? Take the quiz to find out!

Mom's Guide to Childbirth

Quick check off list to make sure you're prepared for the big day!

8 Ways to convince your partner you both need a doula!

Conversations guide with 8 points to go over with your partner on why having a doula is best for both of you!

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 Mindfulness Matters

The power of your mind and your words has more power than you know! How can mindfulness be used to affect your birth experience?

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