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Welcome to a safe place to learn, connect, heal and prepare for a peaceful homebirth!

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Holistic Homebirth Coaching

I understand when you start looking into homebirth you feel a little crazy. There is no one around you that has birthed at home and the fact that you're searching to see if this option is best for you is amazing!

I remember after having a traumatic c-section thinking, "I have to make different decisions next time, or I'll end up with a repeat of my last birth."

The fear of the unknown haunted me daily. Going through that experience strengthened my faith, my mindset and my relationship with my husband.

This is what I want for you too!

Hand on Bump

You too can have a Holy Spirit filled Homebirth

We are told by culture, western medicine and sometimes our own friends and family that this deep desire to birth in the comfort of our home is "selfish", "reckless" and "dangerous."

This isn't something only "super hippy" people do. 

As Believers in Jesus we are called to look different than the world. We have a hope that is much more powerful than the World has. If this Lord is placing it on your heart, it is worth pursuing.

Really it comes down to 5 things:

1. Dreaming 

2. Deciding

3. Empowerment

4. Education

5. Follow-Through

The Enemy would lie to you and tell you to not pursue this option, I'm here to tell you that looking into homebirth doesn't decrease your options, only increase them!


Are you ready to immerse yourself into homebirth education and holistic preparation using Biblical principles? Apply now to see if you qualify for being apart of this high level program.

I'm here to walk you through every step of the way!

I will walk with you and help you save time and energy by pointing you in the right direction toward your dream birth. 

You're going to know how to:

✅ Feel confident about your choice to homebirth

✅ Identify and work through previous traumas preventing you from experiencing peace

✅ Overcome the fear of the unknown 

✅ Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually prepare

✅ Fully embrace radical responsibility

✅ Know the practical nitty gritty of having a peaceful homebirth

✅ Prepare for Postpartum using my proprietary SOS Team Framework

You don't have to prepare for homebirth alone. You don't know what you don't know... go on your journey to homebirth with someone who has been there and helped many women do the same!


Coaching is Guaranteed!

I guarantee if you attend all of the calls, do all the homework & work through my framework that you:

  • will grow in your confidence to homebirth 

  • avoid unnecessary interventions

  • overcome the "what if" scenarios

  • care LESS about other people's opinion

Of course birth outcomes cannot be guaranteed, but knowing your options is empowering!

If you don't have a birth that lines up with my program I will give you a credit for a coaching session to process and move forward

You do not have to go on this journey alone. You don't have to guess what your best next step is. You CAN find confidence to make the decisions that are best for you and your baby. 



She was such a comfort through the entire pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. It was worth it’s weight in GOLD to be able to call or text her with any questions or fears I had. Aly made our journey from pregnancy to postpartum so much more calm, peaceful and enjoyable; she truly has a presence about her that makes you feel at ease and just know everything is going to be okay. I cannot thank Aly enough for being with me during the birth of our first child (earth-side) and would have her by our side every time God gifts us with bringing a child into this world! 


Aly has such an intuition for what women need knows exactly when and how to speak into a situation and does so with both gentleness and strength. She asks thoughtful questions and give you tools to dig deeper into emotions and beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth. She is extremely knowledgable and experienced, but her greatest strength is that her wisdom is rooted in the Lord! I couldn't imagine NOT having Aly in my corner in this season of life! 


I'm so thankful I hired Aly for both of my pregnancies. In my most recent pregnancy she was there to consult and hlep talk me through whether I wanted an ultrasound or not when I was still pregnant at 42 weeks. She provided the support, care, kindness, and wisdom when I needed it the most!

Are You Ready To Start Preparing for Your Peaceful Homebirth??

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