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Ep 26//Labor Nutrition and the Natural Healing Approach to PCOS

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Dr Jaime Seeman is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist practicing in Omaha, Nebraska. Born and raised in the state she played collegiate softball for the Cornhuskers. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Sciences. She then went on to graduate medical school and completed her OBGYN residency at The University of Nebraska Medical Center. She currently is in private practice at Mid City OBGYN offering a full range of services in obstetrics, gynecology, robotic surgery and primary care. She is a fellow in Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona School of Medicine. She is a board certified ketogenic nutrition specialist through The American Nutrition Association. She has a passion for fitness, preventative medicine and ketogenic therapy not only in her medical practice but in her own life. She is married to her husband Ben, a police Sargent and has three young daughters. Dr Seeman is currently appearing on NBC Titan Games with The Rock.

You can find her on:

IG: @drfitandfabulous


Dr. Jamie's journey to health and wellness may be different then some but yet similar to many. She struggled with PCOS, Hypothyroidism and Pre-diabetes as a busy mom to 3 girls 23 months apart and as a busy Doctor. These are common diagnosis these days but Jamie wanted to find the core issue and fix it instead of using the bandaid approach. Some major take aways from this episode are:

  • Importance of nutrition before, during and after baby.

  • Building up nutrients in your system 12 months before conceiving

  • Health care systems does not treat the root problem of many things

  • Nutrition can change your life

  • Epigenetic's is the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. Epigenetic's has an impact on growing your baby and your overall health during and after pregnancy.

  • PCOS is a Spectrum. Typically there are 3 major symptoms and 2 have to be present to be diagnosed:

Cysts in the Ovaries


Irregular or Absence of a Period

  • Non Medical Treatment

Birth Control


  • Natural Support

  • Nutrition- Keto

  • Berberine

  • Saw Palmetto

  • We as individuals have the power to influence our health!

  • Xenoestrogens can impact your hormones. These are found in plastics, pesticides, chemicals, and water systems. Limit your exposure to these.

  • Birth Control can contribute to insulin resistance, lower Vitamin B, Zinc and can cause Oxidative Stress.


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