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Ep 20//Stepping Outside of Normal and Experiencing Freedom from Fear with Carli Chapman

How many of your decisions are made purely because they are "normal". How many are based in fear of either of the unknown or what others will think of your decision? Today I talk with Carli Chapman all about her story of choosing homebirth for two babies.

This episode talks about how birth is in our head, controlling your thoughts, exploring your options, being empowered in your decisions and not making them out of fear or because they are the norm. Carli's birth stories are amazing and you won't want to miss this encouraging and powerful episode!

Connect with Carli:

FB: @CarliSlingerlandChapman

IG: @carlichapman22


"Birth is in our head"

"Thoughts are power!"

"Explore your options"

"Don't be dictated by fear or the norm."

"What do you want out of your birth experience?"

Safety Study of Homebirth:



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