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EP 18//Birth Center to Homebirth: A First Time Mom's Journey As a Powerful Decision Maker

Katelyn is a proud chiropractic wife, boy mom, leader, and total foodie! Her background is in hospitality but today she has the privilege of living out her life's mission: to inspire healthy living in body, soul, and mind. She takes us through her journey of choosing a birth center and switch to a homebirth late in her pregnancy. She had to make some decisions through pregnancy such as RhoGam, Gestational Diabetes, Group B Strep and Circumcision. This episode is great for all moms but especially for the first time mom who needs a little help in learning how to make decisions through her pregnancy. Katelyn takes us through her decision making process to you too can make powerful decisions and be in control of your birth!

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"As the patient it's YOUR responsibility to decipher whether or not you're ok with that because they are going to draw their line and you have to know where your line is."

Questions to ask:

1. Is this necessary?

2. Is there another option?

3. What is your intuition saying?

*Hired a Doula team to help process decisions with!*

Resources Mentioned:

FREEBIE: Top 5 Things Every Pregnant Mom Needs To Know:

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