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EP 17//Tips to ROCK your Natural Hospital Birth with Diane Newcomer

Diane has been married for almost 10 years, is a stay at home mom of 2, a number 1 on the enneagram and former ESL teacher to adults. Her miracle babies came after years of infertility. She leads an infertility support group at her local church. She can be found spending time with her family, entering giveaways on instagram, and baking in her spare time.

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Tips for success

  • “Set your mind” on what you want

  • Make decisions that match the outcome you wanted

  • Birth Plan

Process of preparing for natural birth

  • Yin Yoga

  • Let the fear go, “take captive your thoughts”

  • Meditative state to work though contractions

  • Music

  • Hip Squeeze, Shake the Apple Tree, Sidelying Release, Abdominal Sifting ----> Got comfortable before hand.

How to find the confidence to say what you want:

  • Practice with your provider during pregnancy to say “no”

  • Once a week stand up for yourself and use your voice to say “No”

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