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Ep 14// Facing Fear on the Journey to VBAC with Jaimie Schrock

After having a life-changing VBA3C almost six years ago, Jaimie became a birth doula and authored ‘Brave Beautiful Birth - Trusting God through VBAC.’ Her birth propelled her to serve others during a sacred time of life.

When Jaimie's not serving as a doula, she works with her husband and their business, Schrock Custom Homes, and also homeschools her four children. Jaimie enjoys living in Northeast Ohio and the tight-knit community in which she serves.

“The fear of having another surgery that wasn’t needed was greater than the fear of the unknown to me.”

Jaimie shares her personal experiences and wisdom about her journey to her VBA3C and how she took control of her birth, down to what she wore.

A few steps Jaimie took during her pregnancy leading up to her VBAC:

1. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s 21-Day Brain Detox

2. Listen to worship music, even in the middle of the night

3. Ate well, worked out, made sure to be physically, emotionally, spiritually fit

4. Chose to speak verses out loud rather than meditating on fearful thoughts

Tips on finding a VBAC provider:

- Ask questions and find someone who is supportive of your desires & decisions - not just tolerant

- Will you be pressured with a timeline? (red flag)

- Are there requirements such as baby being a certain size? (red flag)

- Will you be expected to have an epidural or dilate on a specified timeline? (red flag)

- Don’t just hope, wish, and pray - actively seek out someone who will support you!

More links to resources Jaimie recommends in the show notes below in the show notes!


Connect with Jaimie online:

IG: @bravebeautifulbirthdoula

Jaimie’s book: Brave Beautiful Birth: Trusting God Through VBAC (also available at Barnes & Noble and Walmart)

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