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Ep 78//Midwife on Trial: A Story of Loss and of Victory

TRIGGER WARNING!! This is a story of a traditional midwife put on trial for a loss of a sweet baby in NE. If you are currently pregnant there may be something in here that are triggering for you.

Angee Hock, the Nebraska Birth Keeper, has been invested in the birth world for 19 years, and has served in traditional midwifery and holistic wellness since 2017. Since then, she has faced repeated counts of government over-reach, including a 3 1/2 yr. legal battle, all in The State of Nebraska. Angee has a passion for human and parental rights and autonomy, and serves as a supporter and advocate for families who choose to own their path and stand on their rights in healthcare and birth.

We talk about the loss of sweet baby Vera as well as Angee's story of being charged, jailed and put on trial over a 3 1/2 yr long journey. She fights hard for women who want the option to birth at home with assistance and her story is going to be used to further that mission. She graciously came on to share and it's a story that will hopefully ignite passion in each listener to fight for what is right despite the risks.

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