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My Story- Empowerment Doesn't Come Naturally

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed thinking about your upcoming birth? There is so much information coming at you from all sides... vaginal, c-sections, natural birth, epidurals, VBAC, home birth, water birth, free birth. Don't be overwhelmed. Birth is actually quite simple.

Today I will be sharing my story and how my birth experiences led me here, to you! Come tune in, sis, and be encouraged!

My two birth stories have created beliefs around birth, as will your birth experiences define your beliefs. One of my goals is to normalize the physiological birth process - what birth looks like when there is no interference.

  • Fear is reduced when we remember our bodies were made to do this.

  • When we stop making decisions out of fear, we become empowered.

  • Stories have an amazing place in birth and help reframe our mindset towards birth.

My first birth story shows that empowerment doesn’t come naturally. But, you’ll hear in my second story that there’s a huge difference when there’s a change in mindset and you become educated in physiological birth, and when you have the tools and team to help you take the next steps towards the birth you want.



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