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4 Pillars of Wellness and Finding Confidence in Health Decisions with Dr. Ben Tapper

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Are you new to the natural world? Maybe you’re starting to ask questions on how you can take radical responsibility over your health and make alternative options but are nervous to do so. Are you wanting to be well but lacking confidence? If 2020 was a wake up call to start learning more about alternative ways to care for yourself and your family then you’re going to want to listen to this whole episode!


Dr. Ben Tapper came on the show today to discuss the 4 pillars of wellness, the apparent medical industrial corruption and how we can change our paradigm to be more healthy all from a Biblical Perspective. This was a powerful episode and there are so many wisdom gems in here you may want to listen to it twice. 


Dr. Tapper is a Nebraskan, conservative warrior from Omaha. He first gained national attention after a video of him speaking at an Omaha City council meeting in response to the mask mandates went viral, accumulating more than three million views in just 24 hours. 


Dr. Tapper continued to speak out against the MSM Covid-19 fear-mongering narrative with facts and statistical evidence. Of course, as a result of this, he is one of the most censored and banned people in America. He was even afforded the honor of being labeled as one of the "Disinformation Dozen" by the Biden Administration-a group of affiliates determined to be "responsible" for about 2/3 of all anti-(covid)vaccine content on major social media sites" and a direct threat to public health." All because they continue to bring transparency to the corruption between big pharma and the government. You will find few men more grounded and humble than Dr. Ben Tapper. He is a trailblazer in the medical freedom movement and someone you would be willing to go to war with. 


Dr. Tapper is also the man behind the film, 

"The Time is Now," and he often says, " my convictions are greater than my complacency," which could not be a better description of the mission we are all living out. 

References in Show:

Connect with Dr. Ben Tapper: 

Instagram: Dr.b.e.n__t.a.p.p.e.r

Twitter: @DrBenTapper1



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