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Doctor Chooses Homebirth After Medical System Fails Her with Dr. Katherine Michael

Would a doctor ever choose to birth their baby at home? Why I’d love to tell you.. YES! I am finding more and more medical professionals stand up and say, “this isn’t right and I want a different way.” when it comes to health and homebirth. My guest today comes on the show to share her story of her first hospital birth and consecutive 2 freebirths.


Katherine is a trained medical doctor (MD) with a masters from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health where she studied reproductive biology and maternal and child health. She finished her IBCLC while on maternity leave in medical school. She now has 3 daughters, ages 5, 3, and 1 (as of Dec 4), Her husband, Rand, is an ER doctor for the US Air Force. Katherine works from home offering consulting for fertility, pregnancy, birth support, and lactation. She also homeschools her first-grader. 


Katherine took what took me YEARS to learn about homebirth and reasons why everyone should consider this as an option into a little over an hour. You’re going to want to write notes and send this episode to a friend who has been questioning if homebirth could be an option for her!


I have some questions for you and if any of these sound like you then listen close!

-Is this your first homebirth and you’re wondering about the logistics of preparing

-Is this is your first baby and you don’t really know where to start learning about birth in general

-Are you’re new to the holistic health world and you would like advice and guidance on some options to incorporate more natural choices into this pregnancy and birth 


If any of these sound like you then schedule a free 15 minute call with me so I can help you find your next best step when it comes to preparing for a peaceful homebirth!


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Peace and Blessings!


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