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Ep 12// Wild Birth with River Wild-Hoffman

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

River Wild-Hoffman is a certified Usui Master Reiki healer, Master Herbalist, and mom of soon to be four! After a traumatic hospital birth with her first child, at 20, it led to a less than satisfactory homebirth with a MEDwife... For baby #3 she went on a journey of education and autonomy to freebirth. Now for baby #4 she is having a wild pregnancy and a wild birth! She is currently writing a book on the subject of birth, and also will be launching educational courses for emergency childbirth, holistic fertility, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood in the coming year! This episode is a perspective that every mom should take the time to listen to as there are little golden nuggets that can be taken from this interview. We dive into the uniqueness of birth, our culture around birth, how to know if freebirth is for you and the importance of taking our power back!

Key Quotes:

  • "Physiological Birth is a hands off birth where women are allowed to listen to their bodies and their instincts just like every other female and any other species that birth."

  • " In the last 100 years we really have lost that sacred feminine and it has turned into a medicalized procedures with standardized care but not every woman has standardized care."

  • "Transfer to the hospital is ALWAYS an option."

  • "There has been a patriarchal takeover of birth."

  • "Educate your self on birth, educate yourself on your options..."

  • "Birth doesn't have to be traumatic."

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