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Ep 2// Girl Chat on Gestational Diabetes

Welcome to Girl Chat Monday! This is the audio recording of our Facebook LIVE that takes place every week in our private Facebook group. Listen to the sneak peak of girls sitting down with our favorite beverage and enjoying girl time!

Were you told that you’ll need to be induced because of gestational diabetes?

Join our Tribe for the next girl chat!

First of all, nobody can make you do anything.

Second, you have options when it comes to gestational diabetes testing!

  • One route includes the glucola drink, jellybeans, or Snickers and then being tested to see how much insulin your body releases in response.

  • Another option is testing at home for 1-2 weeks. Documenting your results after each meal gives you a great idea of what your fasting blood sugar level is at. This is a great option because you are consuming the amount of sugar that is normal in your diet rather than being bombarded with an excessive amount of sugar, which can result in an inaccurate reading for you. Some women also might not be comfortable with some of the ingredients in the glucola drink.

  • You can also request a Hemoglobin A1c blood draw to see what your levels have been over the last three months. 98% of women who have a high Hemoglobin A1c will test positive for gestational diabetes.

Were you diagnosed with gestational diabetes? This does NOT mean you have to be induced or have a c-section! The choice is up to YOU.

If you are being pressured into something you are not comfortable with, or you feel that you aren’t being heard and have “no choice”, remember that you have the right to switch providers at any point. Your provider works for YOU.

Find someone who gives you all of the options and allows you to choose. If you are only given one option, you are not being fully informed.

If you need some guidance on what questions to ask your provider to go to get a download of 15 questions to ask at your next appointment!

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