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3 Ways to Prepare for a Natural Birth

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I hear this phrase all of the time…

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Preparing for birth takes work but it's worth it!

“I’m going to go for a natural birth but I’ll just see what happens.”

When coming from a first time mom I just want to take her by the shoulders, look her in the eyes and tell her how strong she is and how she CAN do it but... with how our culture surrounding birth is and our lack of exposure around natural birth she needs some preparation.

So I want to give you 3 ways to prepare for a natural birth:

1. Stop saying, “we’ll see what happens.” Change your language sis!

I know you maybe saying this because you’re afraid if you say you will have a natural birth and are confident in that and if you end up getting medication that you will feel disappointed or like you “failed.” I want to remind you that if your plans change it doesn’t make you a failure! It is ok to plan on something and hope for something and that not happen.

Your mind is so powerful. The words we speak are powerful. I have seen this MANY times in mamas. Those who add “we’ll see what happens.” always get the medication. Those who have cut out that phrase and have stuck with, “I’m going to go for a natural birth.” get a natural birth MOST OF THE TIME! What we say matters. So if you want a natural birth… claim it! It will rewire your brain to do the things you need to do to prepare.

2. Know your options

Remember… no matter what happens you are not a failure. The women who are satisfied in their birth no matter the outcome have been the ones who knew all of their options and have been the one calling the shots! You know your body and your baby better than anyone. You should be the one making the ultimate decision.. Not your partner, not your doctor or midwife, not your doula. That is your responsibility!

Find a provider that has actually seen a natural birth! It blows my mind at how many OBGYNs go through their whole schooling and most of their career with only seeing a handful of natural births. Even a lot of midwives in the hospital are surprised when their patients have a natural birth. Finding someone who is confident in the physiological birth process is key into having a supportive provider. Not sure if your provider is supportive or a good fit for a natural birth? I have a download of 15 questions to ask your provider to make sure you’re on the same page! Get the download here!

Learn decision making skills. Remember YOU are the one making the decisions so that means you need to know what they all are! I know that can feel overwhelming and not worth the stress but having the stress of being pulled along in a birth process and feeling out of control is worse. You can learn about the options you have by going through a detailed birth plan. You can also talk through different options with your doula. She will refer you to resources and help you see if the decision you're making matches the expectations you have for your birth.

3. Normalize Birth

You can do this a few different ways:

Take a birth class- a GOOD birth class will take you through the normal birth process and all of your options. It will also give you techniques to use during your labor to take each contraction as it comes.

Watch natural birth videos- remember it’s all about changing your mindset around birth. The more you are exposed to natural birth the more you will realize that you are strong and capable. It is a normal process that women were created to do.

Talk to other women who have had a natural birth- This one can be hit or miss. Some women have had a natural labor and loved it and others haven’t. If you are wanting a natural birth I would consider being careful of who you let put information into your mind. If you start talking to someone who has a negative birth experience you can “delete” their story from your head and replace it with a positive story. This takes work but trust me it’s worth it!

Read books- Again it is all about replacing what our culture tells us about birth and replacing it with truth. If you want a natural birth then read the books that support a natural birth. You can find a list of my favorites at

I hope this helps! If you want a natural birth you can do it! I know you can! Prepare, find a supportive provider and environment. Are you looking for a community of like minded mamas. Come over and join The Empowered Mama’s Birth Tribe! This group is active and growing! We have had an influx of

new people join in the past couple of days. Get in on the ground floor because that is when you will feel the most heard. There is something new in that group everyday!

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