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60 Minute Birth Planning Session ($67)

Find Your Confidence

Do you have a birth plan but you're not sure if you want to show anyone? Maybe you're looking at all the templates and you have no idea where to start! Do you want to make sure that the decisions you're making for yourself and your baby match the outcome or the dream you have for your birth experience? 

I have worked with many women just like you plan for the birth they desire and encouraging them to expect better out of their maternity care! Women have this innate desire to birth on their terms and prove that they are strong enough to birth a baby their way. 

Let me guide you to a blissful birth by using my signature process! 60 minutes with me and you will gain clarity, direction and encouragement to embrace the power inside of you to birth your way!


Aly is incredibly passionate about helping to empower women to seek after the birth of their dreams. I just finished a client session with Aly and I walked away with some phenomenal advice to expel my fears and worries about birth. As a first time mom, I had no idea how to write a birth plan, research interventions, or really articulate what I truly WANT to my provider. Aly walked me step by step through each of my concerns and gave me some powerful tools to add to my arsenal. I would highly recommend any of her services or consultations to anyone wanting to be empowered and take back control of their birthing experience!


I spent the hours reading and journaling through some thoughts from my conversation with Aly. In a nutshell here is what I learned or was reminded of....
The more I seek God and educate myself, the more BRAVE and EMPOWERED I am becoming!

If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, I encourage you to connect with Aly at @empoweredbirthpodcast. She is amazing at what she does and will educate you on your options and empower you to trust your body and make the best decisions for you and your baby. 



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