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The Team


Aly is the owner and founder of Birth Bliss Beyond. She is a Registered Nurse and Birth Doula. She has been in the birth world since 2016 after her first daughter was born. She realized that every birth is life changing and the importance of being fully informed of all options. Aly is a VBAC mom and has a passion for women finding their power, is a natural birth advocate and wants all women to enjoy their birth experience. She is there to educate you prenatally, and provide the best hands on experience during your birth! You will feel safe and comfortable with Aly by your side. She is CPR Certified, able to communicate effectively with your care providers and confident in providing support in all birth environments. 
Aly lives in Omaha, is married to her husband of 5 years, Corey, and is a mama to 2 girls.
She is excited to support you in the birth that you desire!

Aly McClain, RN, Birth Doula


Jamie has been photographing weddings and families since 2012. When she became pregnant with her daughter in 2017, her eyes were opened to how empowering and exhilarating birth can be. Since then, she has been an advocate for mamas setting themselves up to truly enjoy their birth experience - not fear it! With this new passion ignited, she has shifted her business to focus on births and young families.
Jamie lives in Omaha with her husband, Joe, and her daughter, Andrie. They love hunting for vintage goodies, traveling and watching Wheel of Fortune.
Jamie believes birth is meant to be fully experienced, and she helps mamas do that by reliving their birth through photographs. She is especially giddy for emotional and in-between moments, and believes that having your birth documented will inspire and encourage you for years to come.


Emma is a small town girl who made a move to the big city of Omaha to serve women as a birth and postpartum doula and be closer to family. She brings a lot to the table. She has worked and volunteered as an EMT since January 2016 and has been working with Aly for the past year. It was around June of 2016 that she was able to attend her sister's birth. She quickly realized that she felt totally comfortable and loved supporting her through the labor. She knew she had to learn more so she could follow her calling and support more women. Emma took birth doula training in 2017 and postpartum training in July 2018. Emma is a pro at supporting women through their new journey of motherhood, starting with her sisters. Emma enjoys spending quality time with her 4 nieces and 4 nephews (all under the age of 4) She is a joy to have around and you will feel like home when she is with you during your birth.  She is excited to be your support through your birth and walk with you on your postpartum journey.

Emma Sutton, Birth and Postpartum Doula

What if I could tell you that we have all of your needs covered when it comes to pregnancy, birth, birth photography and postpartum. Would you believe that if you hired us as a team you would be paying significantly less than if you were to hire a team who doesn't know and communicate well together?

Aly and Emma work together as a partnership so that you will always have instant access to your doula. You get 2 for the price of one! This creates an atmosphere of support and excellent care! We are able to serve more women in our community as a team as well as love and serve our own families. 

Jamie is our professional birth photographer! She is not only has an expert eye but has a heart for serving women. She knows the birth process well and knows the ideal time to take the shot to preserve the memory. As a team we are able to communicate together to make sure you don't have to worry about timing of telling the photographer when to come! 

The Birth Bliss Beyond Team is honored to have served many Omaha and surrounding area families and would love to serve yours as well! Would you like to see if we would be a good fit? Click the button below to schedule a free 30 min consult!

The Beginnings

Why Hire a Doula?




Birth doulas are a constant support for a pregnant and laboring mother. She is a source of information and a calming spirit.


Doulas provide:

Physical support- Soothing touch, hydration, comfort techniques, special positions to facilitate labor

Emotional support- Help work through anxiety and fears, reassurance, encouragement, praise and continuous presence

Doulas reduce:

  • C-sections by 25%

  • Need for Pain medications by 15%

  • The length of labor by 41 minutes

  • Dissatisfaction of birth experience by 31%**

Every woman deserves to have a doula! 

Set up a FREE consult with us to see if having a doula is right for you!


Birth Bliss Beyond, LLC was created 2 years ago when Aly realized that there was a need for a doula who was gifted in helping women find their power and specialize in natural birth. Then at the end of 2019 she decided to expand the operation and bring on some rock solid team members to complete the team. Now everything you need for your birth team is in one place! Birth doula, postpartum support and birth photographer all in one place! 

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