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Ep61//Valentine’s Day Special: Your Questions About Pregnancy and Postpartum Sex

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Pelvic floor health is important for every woman to know about and become familiar with. The owner and Physical Therapist of Nebraska Core + Pelvic Therapy, Kierra Larsen and PT Assistants Britnee Hoffner and Jessica Lawson come on the show today and have a girl chat with me all about things pelvic health. They specialize in women's pelvic health, predominantly prenatal and postpartum treatment.

More About Nebraska Core + Pelvic Therapy:

Dr. Kierra provides a unique experience to those seeking a more holistic and personal physical therapy experience. You are a whole person. She believes in finding and fixing the underlying “why”. Her holistic approach yields lasting results because she looks to address all the factors contributing to your symptoms.

Physical therapy is a team effort. She is here to listen and help you meet your goals. She empowers her patients through tools and understanding to resolve symptoms and prevent them from returning.

Dr. Larsen provides one on one treatments, in a comfortable and private setting. She provides ample time to really hear you and give you the personal experience you deserve while providing the care necessary to address your symptoms and achieve your goals.

She is passionate about reaching moms who are in need of her care and is sensitive to the challenges of motherhood such as getting out of the house with a newborn and worrying about childcare. For this reason, she welcomes mothers to bring their children to their appointments as needed.

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