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Ep 86//Achy Muscles, Long Labors and Informed Pregnancy with Dr. Elliot Berlin

Are you pregnant and struggling with Achy joints? Painful muscles, Long labors?? Have you heard of Chirossage?? My guest Dr. Berlin came on the show today to talk about this treatment, and others he has found helpful treating pregnant women. We also talk about spectrum of safety and how the messages about birth we are seeing in today’s culture are affecting us. You’ll definitely want to listen to this episode all the way to the end!

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Let me introduce you to my guest….

Dr. Elliot Berlin is an award-winning prenatal chiropractor, childbirth educator, labor support bodyworker, and co-founder of Berlin Wellness Group in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Berlin graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life University of Chiropractic in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Atlanta School of Massage.

His separate schooling in massage therapy, bodywork, and chiropractic form the backbone of his innovative pre- and post-natal wellness care techniques. Unique ‘Chirossage’ sessions soothe and relax tight, painful muscles and restore motion to restricted joints. These 30 to 45-minute treatments effectively address most pregnancy aches and pains in just a few visits and promote healthy, comfortable, and functional pregnancy and an ideal environment for labor and delivery.

Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy® Project aims to utilize multiple forms of media (podcasts, YouTube series, documentaries, and online workshops) to compile and deliver unbiased information about pregnancy and childbirth to empower new and expectant parents to make informed choices regarding their pregnancy and parenting journey.

Dr. Berlin lives in Los Angeles with his wife, perinatal psychologist Dr. Alyssa Berlin, and their four fantastic kids.

Connect with Dr. Berlin:

Informed Pregnancy Project:

Informed Pregnancy Plus:

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