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Ep 84//Persevering Prodromal Labor & Post Dates While Still Believing ”Hard is Not the Same Thing as

Does motherhood feel so daunting? It starts the moment you find out you're pregnant.. all the decisions and the responsibility can feel like a heavy weight. Imagine not feeling this once or twice but 10 times!

Today my guest is the super amazing mama Abbie Halberstadt or you may know her as M is for Mama. Abbie is a wife, homeschooling mama of 10, Bible-believing Christian and best selling author.

She came on the show to share her wisdom and her expertise in motherhood and share the message that hard is not the same thing as bad. She shares her birth stories including both of her twin births which, spoiler alert one of those happened at home! She also shares what going her past due date and having weeks of prodromal labor are like and how she has overcome that mental hurdle!

This episode was jam packed full of encouragement and wisdom and you don’t want to miss!

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