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Ep 150//What You Need To Know From a Birth Course

Are you asking “what type of birth class should I take?” What do I need to know in order to have a peaceful homebirth? No I haven’t read your Google searches I just know when I was a first time mom I thought that all I needed was the best birth course and my birth would be perfect. I had a high pain tolerance and I was determined but what I didn’t realize was that the birth course I decided to invest in didn’t teach me what I really needed to know. So in this episode I want to spill it all! These are the things you actually need to know in order to have a peaceful birth and it goes way beyond comfort measures and basic nutritional suggestions. Are you ready for this??



Aly McClain is a dedicated advocate for empowering first-time homebirth mothers to embrace the beauty and serenity of homebirth in a Christ-centered way. As the host of the Peaceful Homebirth Podcast, Registered Nurse and Homebirth coach, Aly combines her passion for holistic health, mindset techniques, and practical wisdom to guide expectant mothers through every step of their journey to a peaceful and empowering birth experience.


[3:30] Typical Birth Class Topics

[4:45] 5 Categories You Need To Learn About

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