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Ep 10// VBAC Bans and Assault on Women with Kinsey Marie Phifer

"I'm sorry, you're not allowed to have a VBAC at this hospital. You'll have to go somewhere else or we can schedule your repeat."

This is a sentence that MANY women are still hearing here in the United States. VBAC bans are unethical and a major problem when it comes to a women's freedom to choose where and how she births.

I'm so excited to share with you the interview I had with my friend, Kinsey Marie Phifer. She banned together some powerful women to influence her local hospital to get rid of their VBAC ban and allow more women choices!

Kinsey shares with us some practical tips that we can do to change a VBAC ban in our communities!

Connect with Kinsey on Facebook @thehyggedoula

Let's create a movement against VBAC bans! Write a review on your local hospital asking for the right to VBAC, take a screenshot and tag me on IG @empoweredbirthpodcast

Together we can make a change!


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